RFID Based Asset Tracking Solution

Businesses nowadays are focused on improving their operational efficiency to stay ahead of the competition. In various industries, businesses are adopting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to increase transparency of their assets and inventory and to keep their business processes running smoothly. Asset tracking systems using RFID are widely being used across many major industries including logistics, automotive, manufacturing, retail and construction. According to recent research, the RFID technology market is estimated to reach $40.5 billion by 2025.

Asset tracking system using RFID

RFID is a more sophisticated technology compared to barcoding and GPS that is utilized by asset tracking software. RFID technology takes over your tedious manual tasks such as asset control and inventory counting within seconds. It uses an electromagnetic field to automatically track and identify tags attached to items. The tags consist of electronically stored information which can be viewed on RFID readers through radio waves. RFID readers that are usually installed at storage areas can detect items up to 6600 feet away. They are also utilized to quickly give a total count of the number of items available just within seconds. They sure provide ease and quickness that can prove to be valuable for asset protection.

Optimise your traceability process in real time

From simplified inventory management to the sharing of key information for monitoring your activities, seize new growth levers by investing in the RFID technologies from Arcnoid / UBI Solutions.

Optimise your processes and benefit from new market shares


Simplified Invetory 

1 %

Stock reduction 

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Increase turnover 

Reduce your linen stock and save time in counting


The UBI Laundry Fast solution is a Track & Trace solution enabling all textiles to be tracked in real time over the entire chain (laundry services, hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, etc.)

Did you know that managing linen was a problem for hotels? What do they do to ensure that the linen is always “perfect” and that there is always enough? It’s true that every morning we see the staff who are going to prepare our rooms but we forget that behind these simple actions hides one of the largest problems for a hotel in terms of costs and process.

The logistics processes of textiles and workwear in hospitals, nursing facilities, industrial production plants, research laboratories, hotels, and laundry or cleaning companies are digitally optimized with RFID technology to save costs.

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