ERP Modernisation

digital transformation meets today’s ERP reality

Some call it Digital Transformation or Digital Change, others Industry 4.0 or simply Digitisation. There are many terms for this, but they all have one thing in common: we are talking about a revolution in the world of work. This revolution is not only related to the technology we use, but it also affects the abilities and qualities of individuals and their role within a company.


Where to start?


We are in the category ‘Modernize Finance and Operations’, we see 4 main triggers that are the starting point for a digital transformation and for the implementation of a new set of applications responsible for the core processes of your company, formerly known as ‘ERP’.


The transformation of products to services, changing customer’s expectations, international growth or new supply chain models can all be strategic drivers for an ERP modernisation.


To stay relevant and to stand out from your competitors you need flexibility and the ability to innovate and constantly adapt to new circumstances. A cloud-based IT landscape, based on a modern architecture, is your starting point.


The availability of radical new technology and the need for modern and lean processes are ‘transformation accelerators.’ To implement these, you need ‘light’ and flexible ERP applications.


Where in the past you implemented a new ERP system every 7 – 10 years, today your applications will be developing constantly. In the cloud, new functionality, updates, and better security are being released constantly.

Creating value through true convergence.

Technology for Innovators

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