We are inspired by good design and passionate about coding

By designing and developing a strong online presence, we’ll ensure that your digital identity is utilized to increase leads, generate sales and project a strong image that can contribute towards you fulfilling your business aspirations.

  • We can design and code your website in many languages (HTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA)
  • All of our web developments are Responsive so it looks good and functions on tablet and phone devices
  • We are flexible on which CMS we build on: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites so that you can effortlessly make website edits
  • We offer innovative solutions to prioritizing both website aesthetics and functionality
  • All our websites are search engine optimized

By partnering with us on your web development journey, you are assured a committed in-house team dedicated to to creating your company an engaging and memorable digital presence.

To plan a website we draw sitemaps to establish a visitor’s journey through the site

Once we’ve created a solid architecture document, we are able to identify key areas on each page, and envision the best positioning of call to action buttons to engage your user. Our designers are passionate about delivering beautiful, creative and usable solutions. The user interface is key when engaging with visitors and our aim is to create a unique website that will make your visitors connect positively with you. Creative concepts are bespoke to reflect your brand values. We welcome client feedback to make alterations to fulfill a client’s vision before seeking final approval of designs. Coders are involved throughout the process to ensure that all proposed functions and design are maintained and implemented in the website’s build. Communication between our team means that designs can be matched to provide total accessibility for users no matter what the browser or device used for viewing.

It is essential in today’s world to cater for users who will not be accessing your site on a desktop

Foundry Digital build all of our website’s to be responsive. An increasing number of us take to our mobiles or other mobile devices to use the internet when we’re on the move. It is important for your site to look good and work equally well on smaller screened devices. We ensure that all of our website design and developments are flexible to adapting to appearing on all screen sizes without losing resolution or functionality. Having a website that is flexible enough to be user friendly on any device means you increase your potential user network.

Foundry Digital will provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) so you can easily change images, text and make edits

Our website development on a platform that suits your company’s needs puts you in control, giving you the ability to make edits whenever you need. At Arcnoid, we predominantly use WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, customising each to ensure your so your site’s bespoke look and feel is maintained, and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rank it.

Our coders are skilled and flexible at building websites with a range of programming languages

Languages we use to develop our sites are predominantly: HTML/CSS Javascript PHP ASP JAVA Flash (ActionScript) Node.js ASP.net