Shastri Pillay

Shastri Pillay



As founder and CEO of Arcnoid, Shastri leads the strategic direction and management of the firm.

His extensive experience in the IT and Telecommunication industry spans over 22 years. Shastri takes a hands on approach with all clients, regularly consulting on IT strategy and sharing industry insights with some of Malaysia’s top SMB/enterprise organisations.

Appointed Chief Executive, Shastri Pillay is responsible for the day-to-day operational and planning activities for Arcnoid. Shastri joined the Arcnoid Board in May 2013 as Managing Director. Prior to this, Laurence held the position of Group General Manager for ten years and was responsible for profit and customer satisfaction across other company’s lines of business and geographies. Shastri founded Arcnoid in 2011, bringing with him a broad range of international IT and Telecommunication industry experience.