ERP system improves manufacturing Companies in Malaysia

ERP system improves manufacturing Companies in Malaysia

A Swedish enterprise resource planning system and company from Sweden called Monitor ERP System has rapidly gained customers and foothold in Southeast-Asia. ScandAsia highlights this story from late 2014, which describes the background and the start of rolling out their business system also in this region.

The tried-and-tested and very mature business process management software has a history that speaks volumes: over 40 years of development dating back to the days prior to the existence of the personal computer!

Following on a successful introduction on the Chinese market  Monitor ERP System Southeast Asia has fast expanded its customer base within manufacturing in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia under the management of Mr Daniel Häggmark, targeting both Nordic and non-Nordic customers.

A lot of development of this particular ERP system has happened since its launch over three decades ago, and further back in time when its owner had started drawing up formulas for measuring production effectiveness within Sweden. By launching a new version yearly, Monitor continued improving its comprehensive system based on customer’s hands-on experience and needs and have expanded its operations (with own management or via partners) in Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Brazil, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

“Why we are so popular is because we are entirely niche, with one product, Monitor, and our focus on small to medium-sized companies, and only within manufacturing. Now the system has 30 years of history, and we have grown based on the needs of our customers, so we have a pretty complete product,” Daniel begins.

Today, Monitor, with its focus on manufacturing resource planning has established itself as a leading supplier of ERP systems in this market segment, used by more than 2,400 companies and translated into 13 languages.

Malaysia in particular, with its expansive manufacturing sector, is now a core target, where Monitor is making inroads in Penang as its initial focus.

“We found Penang a good place to start in Malaysia since there are many manufacturing companies there. We have already got customers in Kuala Lumpur as well but our main focus is still in Penang where we also have our local office” Daniel explains their initial focus.

In nearby Ipoh Monitor also has a great referral in the Swedish client Bromma (Malaysia) that has been using its ERP system for ten years, in the production of spreaders used in ports worldwide.

“So far it’s been a very smooth ride in the fast lane, obtaining new clients with ease. We cannot take anything for granted but so far it’s looking good. The response we are getting here is overwhelming and we already gained good references that are very satisfied, so they spread the word in their respective network.”


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