About Us

About Arcnoid

Since its foundation in 2011 Arcnoid has provided ERP software designed to support our clients requirements in the food & beverage, wholesale & distribution and manufacturing sectors.

Our unique commitment to you is to provide flexible software that fully supports your business needs through growth and change.

Who are Arcnoid?

Arcnoid are independent authors who deliver and support ERP software to meet your exact business demands without compromise.

Our fully integrated ERP solution covers all aspects of your business from finance through to sales, production, warehousing, distribution and business intelligence. Our software allows your business to function more effectively than ever before, increasing customer satisfaction, business clarity, efficiencies and profits

Arcnoid’s consultants, engineers, developers and support team are industry and technology experts who understand the language and operations that define your business. This allows us to build tremendous working relationships with our clients and tailor our ERP solution to your exact needs.

Biggest difference between Arcnoid and

other larger ERP partner companies is that they

will develop the software to suit your needs.

We are the best in:

Our wide scope of expertise allows us to help miscellaneous types of businesses in any given niche...
We work closely with you to understand your goals and aims, and then develop a new business plan
Often referred to as business succession strategy, exit planning is more complex than that.

Meet the Team

With dozens of highly experienced professionals manning our team, we are convinced that there is virtually no other company as experienced and well-prepared to do any job than ours.

Yong Kim Choy
Yong Kim Choy
Mr Yong Kim Choy has been in practice for over 25 years of experience in public practice. He was trained with Battchoo & Tho, Chartered
Battchoo Ratilal
Battchoo Ratilal
A Chartered Accountant and have worked for 10 years as an Accountant in Australia and Malaysia before establishing Battchoo & Co a professional accounting firm
Shastri Pillay
Shastri Pillay
As founder and CEO of Arcnoid, Shastri leads the strategic direction and management of the firm. His extensive experience in the IT and Telecommunication industry

Work Principles

Integrity of our work ethics and principles have always been the lynchpins of our success.

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